Name: Kit

Hong Kong

“I stayed with Affordableaccom for two semesters, I may be one of the oldest/earliest tenants. I remember many happy days with the other tenants in the house.

I lived with 7 other people who shared the cooking each night. This meant I could still have a delicious dinner even when I came back ‘home’ late after the evening lessons. We would also celebrate our festivals by having parties at Chinese New Year, Winter Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Garden BBQ on Christmas Eve. During the exam period, the house would be quiet as everyone was hiding themselves in the room to study, but sometimes you’d have some unexpected surprise like having deserts/soup prepared by the housemates to encourage one another.

I was really happy for that year living in student housing. The atmosphere was so warm that it seemed I was staying at a home”

Kit Lau


Name: Athena


“Having lived in an Affordableaccom home for nearly 3 years, I feel it is ideal student accommodation. It is affordable, fully furnished, all inclusive, a short walk from uni, close to shops and the Carnegie station. Moreover, being student accommodation it allows you to meet and make friends from uni which is important when you’re living away from home.”

Athena Bangara