Frequenty asked questions

If you have any questions about our properties or renting with us please read below to see if we have already answered before making an enquiry.

  • 1

    Do I have to pay rent when I book?

    Yes only if you have applied and it has been agreed that you are taking a lease, an initial payment of one months rental is required in advance to secure a room.

  • 2

    Is the first months rent refundable?

    No, the rental is part of the lease for the room and so not refundable. Added to this we reject other applicants for the room once we receive your first rent payment.

  • 3

    Do I have to pay bond, and, if so, how much is it?

    Yes, a bond is payable when a tenant moves into their room. It is equal to one months rental. The monies will be paid into the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA; Government). The bond must be paid as either a money order or bank cheque made out to the RTBA. At the end of the tenancy if no damage is done to the property and no money is owing, this is refunded to the tenant by the RTBA. Generally this takes from one to two weeks for this to be refunded. An Australian bank account is required.

  • 4

    Is there a pickup service from the airport?

    No, we do not provide that service. Students can contact their university for such arrangements.

  • 5

    Is smoking allowed in the rooms or on the premises?

    Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the premises under any circumstance. If you are a smoker please do so outside the house and dispose of the butts in the containers provided for this purpose. You must respect your neighbors as most people do not smoke.

  • 6

    Is there internet included?

    Yes, wireless internet is a free service that doesn't require any payment from the tenant. The rent amounts for individual is determined without considering internet costs.

  • 7

    Do tenants need to bring anything when they move in?

    All houses are furnished. Tenants do however need to provide their own bedding – doona, sheets, pillows, pillow cases etc. They also must bring with them their own cups, plates, cutlery, saucepan etc. We have found that it is better for each individual to use their own personal belongings with regards to cooking and bedding.

  • 8

    Are pets allowed?

    No, pets are not allowed.

  • 9

    Are the houses registered with Council

    Yes all of our houses are formally registered with council as required by law. This provides an extra level of comfort for prospective tenant’s that we are fully compliant with all relevant laws. We recommend that you check that a share house is fully compliant.

  • 10

    Are bills included?

    At the Dandenong rd properties each room is separately metered for electricity and water, so tenants pay for their personal usage within their own room. Meters are generally read every four to five months and tenants are then invoiced at that time. Tenants can request the landlord to read meters prior to this.
    The bedrooms in the Emo rd and Myora crt properties are only metered for electricity. Tenants at these properties pay only for the electricity they use in their own bedrooms. All other bills are included in the rent.