Electrical Welcome Agreement between the Customer and PATAC PTY LTD*.

Location: 2 Emo Road Malvern East VIC 3145

Terms and Conditions of Sale of Electricity from PATAC PTY LTD (PATAC) to the Customer.

This contract is about the sale of energy to you as a customer at your premises and room, the location of which is identified either on the “Electricity and if applicable Water Application with PATAC PTY Ltd” application form, the email used to deliver this agreement or at the top of the document if mailed. It is a retail contract that starts without you having to sign a document agreeing to these terms and conditions. You agree to the terms of the contract by accepting this document on the application page provided by PATAC PTY LTD or by receiving this information directly. In addition to this contract, the energy laws and other consumer laws also contain rules about the sale of energy and we will comply with these rules which apply to us as an exempt seller in our dealings with you.

The below agreement also contains all of the requirements under the General Exemption Order 2017.


This contract is between:

PATAC PTY LTD who sells energy to you at your premises as an exempt seller (in this contract referred to as “PATAC”,“we”, “our” or “us”); and

You, the customer to whom this contract applies (in this contract referred to as “Small Customer”, “Customer”, “you” or “your”).

The customer agrees to give all reasonable access to the relevant meters and will reasonably assist in anyway to have them read in a timely manner for billing or other purposes. All the relevant meter/s details for each customer is contained on the relevant bill.

PATAC will always attempt to read an actual meter when a bill is due.  If for some reason an estimate is required PATAC will do so with the customers explicit agreement.

Goliath Housing Pty Ltd who will manage and deliver the bills and accept payment for bills.

Contact Details

Account enquiries or complaints: call 0429674647 or email info@affordableaccom.com.au. If calling this number costs more than the cost of a local call please let us know and we will make other arrangements.

Life support equipment

(a) If a person living at your premises requires life support equipment, you must tell us. To register, you will need to give written confirmation from a registered medical practitioner of the requirement for life support equipment at the premises.

(b) You must tell us or your distributor if the life support equipment is no longer required at the premises.

What are our tariffs and charges?

  • Our tariffs and charges for the sale of energy to you under this contract are presented in this agreement.

Tariffs and Charges:

2 Emo Road Malvern East Incl GST
Daily Charge $ .24
Usage Rate ($/KW) .24


Changes to tariffs and charges

(a) If we vary our prices, we will inform you no later than your next bill if the variation affects you.

(b) Our prices will not be varied more often than once every 6 months.


We will send a bill to you as soon as possible after the end of each billing cycle which will in most cases be every 3 months but may be a lesser period. We will send the bill to your email address provided during the application process.  If your details change then you will be required to update us of this fact and we will change the email address. We can read your meters and create a bill within the three-month cycle but that will incur a 50-dollar administrative fee.

Calculating the bill

Bills we send to you (‘your bills’) will be calculated on:

(a) the amount of energy consumed at your premises during the billing cycle (using information obtained from reading your meter or otherwise in accordance with the Rules); and

(b) the amount of fees and charges for any other services provided under this contract during the billing cycle;

Estimating the energy usage

(a) We may estimate the amount of energy consumed at your premises if your meter cannot be read, if your metering data is not obtained (for example, if access to the meter is not given or the meter breaks down or is faulty), or if you otherwise consent. We will apply any relevant rules under the Energy Retail Code to this process.


Payment Options

We are willing to accept payment in this fashion:

  • EFT to Goliath Housing Pty Ltd BSB 013141 Account 251743870 listing your name and account number.
  • Direct Debit at any ANZ Bank Branch using these Account details Goliath Housing Pty Ltd BSB 013141 Account 251743870. Please inform us by text message if you make a direct payment listing your name and account number and the amount of payment for accuracy of our records.

Bill smoothing 

We may, in respect of any 12 month period, provide you with bills based on an estimation under a bill smoothing arrangement if you request. The bills would be based on an initial estimate and be the same over the 12 month period.

What you have to pay

You must pay to us the amount shown on each bill by the date for payment (the pay-by date) on the bill. The pay by date will be no earlier than 28 business days from the date on which we issue your bill.

Issue of reminder notices

If you have not paid your bill by the pay by date, we will send you a reminder notice that payment is required. The reminder notice will give you a further due date for payment which will be not less than 6 business days after we issue the notice.

Difficulties in paying

If you have difficulties paying your bill, you should contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with information about your entitlements as a Victorian energy customer. Alternatively, you could seek the availability of Government Funded energy rebates, concession or relief schemes from these web sites https://services.dhhs.vic.gov.au/energy and https://services.dhhs.vic.gov.au/utility-relief-grant-scheme.

Financial Assistance:

In relation to getting assistance with the payment of bills when you have financial difficulty please initially contact Hannah Ching on 0429674647. If you wish you can put in writing your request for assistance with the payment of your bill to one of these addresses:

  1. PO Box 2467, Caulfield Junction, Vic 3161.
  2. info@affordableaccom.com.au

Any messages will be sought to be acknowledged within 5 working days of you sending information. Please ensure that you enclose within any written comments the details of how you would like to be contact.

Once we are aware of your financial difficulty, we will communicate back any steps that have to be taken to assist you.

For the availability of Government Funded energy rebates, concession or relief schemes please see these web site https://services.dhhs.vic.gov.au/energy or https://services.dhhs.vic.gov.au/utility-relief-grant-scheme.

Form of Assistance:

The two forms of assistance are “Standard Assistance” and “Tailored Assistance”.  Once we are contacted for assistance we can determine the best options for the customer.


(a) You must allow safe and unhindered access to your premises for the purposes of reading and maintaining the meters (where relevant).

(b) We will use our best endeavours to ensure that a meter reading is carried out as frequently as is needed to prepare your bills, consistently with the metering rules and in any event at least once every 12 months.


Use of energy

You must not, and must take reasonable steps to ensure others do not:

(a) illegally use energy supplied to your premises; or

(b) interfere or allow interference with any energy equipment that is at your premises except as may be permitted by law; or

(c) use the energy supplied to your premises or any energy equipment in a manner that:

(i) unreasonably interferes with the connection or supply of energy to another customer; or

(ii) causes damage or interference to any third party; or

(d) allow energy purchased from us to be used otherwise than in accordance with this contract and the Rules; or

(e) tamper with, or permit tampering with, any meters or associated equipment.



If you have a complaint relating to the sale of energy by us to you, or this contract generally, you may lodge a complaint with us in accordance with our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures.

Complaints and Dispute Process:

In the case of a dispute an initial point of contact would be with Hannah Ching on 0429674647 or via email at hannahc6378@yahoo.com.au . If this fails to resolve your dispute you can put in writing your unresolved issue to either of these addresses:

  1. PO Box 2467, Caulfield Junction, Vic 3161.
  2. hannahc6378@yahoo.com.au

Any messages we will attempt to acknowledged within 5 working days of them being received. Please ensure that you enclose within any written comments the details of how you would like to be contact.

Once we are aware of your dispute we will communicate back any steps that have to be taken to respond to your dispute and the expected time this will take.  Once we have taken the relevant steps we will communicate to you our answer.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome after following the above proves you can access an external dispute resolution service. The contact details are the Energy and Water Ombudsman (https://www.ewov.com.au/).

Our obligations in handling complaints

If you make a complaint, we must respond to your complaint within the required timeframes set out in our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures and inform you:

(a) of the outcome of your complaint and the reasons for our decision; and

(b) that if you are not satisfied with our response, you have a right to refer the complaint to the Energy and Water Ombudsman (https://www.ewov.com.au/).


The laws of the state of Victoria and the Nation of Australia govern this contract.

Duration of Agreement:

This agreement, called an exempt person arrangement, will stay in place for the duration of the lease that you undertake with Goliath Housing Pty Ltd unless you wish to contract with another retailer.

The customer agrees to give 20 days notice as to when they will leave the premise or change to another retailer.

Within 10 days of receiving the information in this agreement you have the right to withdraw. You can do so either in writing or orally by contacting Hannah Ching on 0409957223.

PATAC PTY LTD operates as an exempt person energy retailer and is required to follow relevant provisions of the Retail Code of Victoria. This means that PATAC is not subject to all the obligations of a licensed retailer and you will not receive the same protections as you would if you were purchasing from a licensed retailer.

The Premise will provide you with a meter/s that will measure the energy that you use in your allocated room/s.  All of the other energy used by other tenants either in their sole occupancy rooms or in common areas will not be billed to you. However, if you wish to seek another provider of electricity you have the right to contract individually with a Licensed Retailer of your choice. Here is a link to the Victorian Governments web site that will provide you these options https://www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au/bills-pricing-and-meters/energy-retail-companies-contact-list. Be aware that you will be required to purchase new meter/s from these retailers if you choose not to use the meter/s provided in your sole occupancy room/s. You will need to speak directly to the relevant energy retailer to determine the installation costs of a meter and the energy prices they will charge.

Contact Details for Electrical Faults or Emergencies:

In the case of an Electrical Fault or Emergencies call Hannah Ching on 0429674647 or United Energy on 13 20 99.

*PATAC stands for “Pharmacy & Therapeutic Advisory Consultancies Pty Ltd”.